Last Minute Gift Ideas (For The Electronics Enthusiast Friend)

The holiday season is in full swing, and as I have experienced, it’s now time to start looking for last minute gifts for those that might have been unexpected, or forgotten in the holiday bustle. Luckily there are lots of podcasts and blogs with gift suggestions for those on your list. In particular, the Ham radio 360 recently released the holiday shopping edition of their workbench podcast.

In this edition they went through a list of items that they felt all amateur radio enthusiasts should have on their workbench. As I was listening to the show I realized that a lot of these items would be super helpful for electronic enthusiasts in general.

The list is divided into several subdivisions, first hand tools, things like tweezers, cutters, various screw drivers. Then soldering tools and accessories, like a circuit board holder solder reel stand and more. Next they talk about workbench accessories like a 3D printer, microscope and others. After that is an often overlooked category (at least by me), storage and organization. Next consumables and supplies like a Box o’ Resistors, solder braid, Glue-lined heat shrink, etc. Then they went into useful test a measurement equipment like a component tester, thermometer, and they even mention the Analog Discovery 2. If you want to hear a brief overview of the Analog Discovery 2 as told by a user jump to about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The last category was stocking stuffers. You can view the full list of recommendations and listen to the podcast on the Ham Radio 360: Workbench page.


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