The High Speed Adapter… is it Really a Big Deal?

Not long ago we launched the Digital Discovery. If you’ve perused the documentation for the Digital Discovery you may see several mentions of the High Speed Adapter and Logic Probes and wonder what are those, and are they really a big deal?

Spoiler alert: Yes!

The High Speed Adapter is one of the four Accessories for the Digital Discovery. You have the 2×6 cable, 2×16 cable, High Speed Adapter and High Speed Probes. The 2×6 and 2×16 cables give you access to the Pmod style connectors, and access to the 32 pin connector, you’ll get one of each of these in your kit.

The Digital Discovery and 2×6 and 2×16 connectors.

As an option you can add the High Speed Adapter, and High Speed Logic Probes to your Digital Discovery. With the addition of the High Speed Adapter and High Speed Logic Probes your Digital Discovery increases the sample rate of the Logic Analyzer from 200 MS/s to 800MS/s.

The Digital Discovery, High Speed Adapter, and 4 High Speed logic probes. Turning 8 pins into high speed inputs.

That means you can multiply the sample rate by 4, vastly increasing the possible uses of your Digital Discovery.

As indicated by the featured image, for the first hundred customers who buy the Digital Discovery and add the High Speed Adapter as an add – on, will get it for free.

To learn more about the Digital Discovery and get started check out the resource center.


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