New Product Announcement: Digital Discovery

Due to the popularity of the Analog Discovery 2 and it’s digital tools, we’ve created the Digital Discovery.

Digital Discovery USB Logic Analyzer and Pattern Generator and Protocol Analyzer, this is not a Saleae
The Digital Discovery!

The Digital Discovery is designed to be the ultimate embedded development companion. Configured and controlled by the full featured WaveForms 2015 software toolset, the Digital Discovery provides a Logic Analyzer, Pattern Generator, Digital IO, Protocol Analyzer and Script Editor. Equipped with a Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA, the Digital Discovery can provide up to 32 channels and up to 800MSPS. Thats 8 times the sample rate of the Analog Discovery!

Digital Discovery USB Logic Analyzer and Pattern Generator and Protocol Analyzer, this is not a Saleae

WaveForms 2015 is the software toolset that comes free with the Digital Discovery. After a quick (less than 10 minutes) download and installation, you can get debugging your embedded projects.

Digital Discovery USB Logic Analyzer and Pattern Generator and Protocol Analyzer, this is not a Saleae
The Main Window of WaveForms 2015, providing access to the Power Supplies, Logic Analyzer, Pattern Generator, Static IO, Protocol Analyzer, and Script Editor.

Designed with customization and the user experience in mind, WaveForms 2015 contains built in documentation and flexible features. The help tab is built into WaveForms 2015, and contains definitions and guides for every tool, drop-down and button. The Logic Analyzer allows you to customize your specifications. At 8 channels the Digital Discovery operates up to 800MS/s, at 16 channels the Digital Discovery operates up to 400MS/s, and at 32 channels the Digital Discovery operates up to 200MS/s.

The help tab in WaveForms 2015 contains guides on each of the tools.

Through WaveForms 2015, the following features of the Digital Discovery can be accessed:

  • 24-channel digital logic analyzer (1.2…3.3V CMOS, up to 800MS/s (with the High Speed Adapter))
  • 16-channel pattern generator (1.2…3.3V CMOS, 100MS/s)
  • 16-channel virtual digital I/O including buttons, switches, and LEDs – perfect for logic training applications
  • Two input/output digital trigger signals for linking multiple instruments (1.2…3.3V CMOS)
  • A programmable Power Supply of 1.2…3.3V/100mA. The same voltage supplies the Logic Analyzer input buffers and the Pattern Generator input/output buffers, for keeping the logic level compatible with the circuit under test.
  • Digital Bus Analyzers (SPI, I²C, UART, Parallel)

In addition to the built in tools, the Digital Discovery offers the Script Editor. Just like on the Analog Discovery 2, the Script Editor allows you to write custom tests in a JavaScript like editor.

With your Digital Discovery you’ll receive one 2×6 flywire and one 2×16 flywire to access the High Speed Inputs and Digital I/O.

The Digital Discovery and 2×6 and 2×16 connectors.

However, there are four additional accessories that you can get for your Digital Discovery, the High Speed Adapter, High Speed Logic Probes, and more 2×6 connectors, 2×16 connectors.

From left: The 2×16 cable, 2×6 cable, High Speed Logic Probes, and High Speed Adapter.

The 2×6 and 2×16 provide options for leaving projects built and having extra cables, and the High Speed Adapter and Logic probes take the 200MS/s inputs and turn them into 800MS/s inputs… a huge increase in sample rate!

And because we love our customers, the first 100 people to order a Digital Discovery will receive the High Speed Adapter for FREE! 

To take advantage of this offer, go to the Digital Discovery page and click on the radio button to add the Digital Discovery High Speed Adapter as an add on to place it in your cart. But remember, only the first 100 get this discount!

We are incredibly excited to see what embedded projects will be done and debugged with the Digital Discovery. To get started check out the Digital Discovery Getting Started Guide.


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