Reading Generated Data in a Real-Time Distributed System – Part 5

Using Additional Software to View Date Remotely

Now that we’ve created a working distributed data collection and display system (see parts 1 through 4), let’s briefly explore other software packages available to access the database for both reading and writing.  Here are two software packages you can use to read the data from the database (of course, they can write to it as well, but that is not part of this article). 

Part 1 – Setting Up an MS Database

Part 2 – Creating an Application to Collect and Pass Data

Part 3 – Creating an Application to View Data

Part 4 – Distributing Applications


We can use DASYLab to retrieve data from our MS ACCESS database.  DASYLab is a graphical software package that does include ODBC support.  With the help of CJ Butler, we were able to access the local database here in Massachusetts from her office in New Hampshire (about 100 miles!) using her VPN connection to an MCC server.

All she needed to do was map the Drive to her local computer, run the ODBC administrator on her local computer, and create the attached worksheet.

DASYLab Display


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  1. Thanks for posting these.

    Being able to bring physically separate sensing ability into one entity that has storage and history plus status and dashboard complete with control is The Blueprint. There are an unlimited number of fascinating and practical realizations using those ingredients.

    Again, thank you.

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