Pmod Monthly Video Series

We’re back in the saddle with Pmod Monthly! Admittedly, it was not so monthly in the past, which is why we are reinvigorating this YouTube video series with a reinforced commitment to bringing you cool Pmod project demos on a consistent basis. Each Pmod Monthly video will consist of a project demonstration using one or more Digilent Peripheral Modules (Pmods) as well as an associated Instructable to encourage people to recreate the projects and of course add their own spin. Plus! Each video will contain a promo code that can be redeemed on our website to purchase the featured Pmod(s) at a discounted price. The rules are simple:

  1. Watch that month’s video on the Digilent YouTube Pmod Monthly playlist 
  2. Go to the Digilent website and enter in the promo code at checkout

That’s it!

Each new video will be released on the 1st and the associated promo code will be valid for the duration of the month. So tune in starting this January 1st for our 2016 kickoff video! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and receive updates whenever a new video is added.

For more information on what Pmods are and how they can be used, visit our Pmod Resource Center.


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