Do You Want to Make a Snowman?

Make your own dancing snowman buddy!
Make your own dancing snowman buddy! Find the Instructable here.

Do you want to make a snowman?

You can build one in a day.

I promise it’s one you’ll adore,

With boards galore,

A wintertime display!


A dancing snowman buddy,

That moves a lot,

Look at how young and spry!


If you do not want a snowman,

We have alternate display plans,

That you can try.


We first started with a snowman,

Made of felt and cotton balls,

Held together with some glue,

And some servos too,

That move as the snow falls.


If you ever get lonely

With the winter gloom

Blocking out the night sky.


You can try to make our snowman,

Here’s the Instructable maker plan,

That you should try.

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