Not One, Not, Two, Not Three… but SIX New Zmods!

The First Expansion to the Zmod Family

In early 2020, Digilent released the Eclypse Z7 development board, which provided two SYZYGY-compatible connection ports. SYZYGY is a relatively new interface standard that provides more performance than Pmod while being more space-efficient and cost-effective than FMC. Alongside the release of the Eclypse Z7, Digilent created two “Zmods”, or SYZYGY- compatible modules: the Zmod ADC 1410 and Zmod DAC 1411, which brought high-speed I/O to the Eclypse platform.

In 2021, we are excited to be substantially expanding our Zmod offerings. The first addition to the Zmod family will include six new modules. We’re continuing to focus on high-speed I/O and rolling out additional Zmod ADCs, with analog-to-digital converters of varying performance. The new Zmod ADCs will offer resolution at 10-, 12-, and 14-bit with sampling rates ranging from 10MS/s up to 125MS/s. With this degree of variance, we think they’ll be helpful for engineers and researchers from telecommunications to prototyping to embedded OEM. Peep this table for the specifications of each individual module:

Key Features of the New Zmods
Zmod ADC 1010-40 Zmod ADC 1010-125 Zmod ADC 1210-40 Zmod ADC 1210-125 Zmod ADC 1410-40 Zmod ADC 1410-125
Resolution [bits] 10 10 12 12 14 14
Minimum Sample Rate [MSPS] 10 10 10 10 10 10
Maximum Sample Rate [MSPS] 40 125 40 125 40 125
Input Range (High Gain/Low Gain) +-1V/+-25V +-1V/+-25V +-1V/+-25V +-1V/+-25V +-1V/+-25V +-1V/+-25V
Absolute Resolution High Gain 2.14mV 2.14mV 0.53mV 0.53mV 0.13mV 0.13mV
Absolute Resolution Low Gain 51.2mV 51.2mV 12.8mV 12.8mV 3.2mV 3.2mV
Input Impedance 1MΩ||18pF 1MΩ||18pF 1MΩ||18pF 1MΩ||18pF 1MΩ||18pF 1MΩ||18pF
Analog Bandwidth @3db 20MHz 70MHz 20MHz 70MHz 20MHz 70MHz
Analog Bandwidth @0.5db 9MHz 30MHz 9MHz 30MHz 9MHz 29MHz
Analog Bandwidth @0.1db 4MHz 20MHz 4MHz 20MHz 4MHz 20MHz
Input protection +-50V +-50V +-50V +-50V +-50V +-50V


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