New Tutorial Book to Accompany The Zynq Book

Do you use and love The Zynq Book? Well, now there’s a handy accompanying book that has tutorials and a practical introduction to the Zynq System-on-Chip (SoC). With five complete tutorials, this is the perfect companion to The Zynq Book and learning how to use the ZedBoard and ZYBO.

The Zynq Book-use-600

Learning the basics of Vivado’s IDE is the first step. Then, you’ll see an introduction to making your first design on Zynq, including creating an intellectual property (IP) core and using the software developers’ kit (SDK). The subsequent tutorial expands on that, also introducing new steps to add an a further interrupt source. The third chapter deals with creating projects in Vivado HLS. The fourth tutorial involves IP creation in a couple different HDLs and in Vivado HLS. Finally, the last tutorial brings it together to talk about IP integration in a series of applied projects to create an audio embedded system.

The Zynq Book.
The Zynq Book.

Who can use these tutorials? They’re beginner level, so they’re great for anyone, from hobbyist to professional engineer. You can download the PDF of The Zynq Book Tutorials for free here or you can buy a hard copy at Amazon.


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