Introducing the FMC-Pcam Adapter!

Last year we released our low-cost camera module, the Pcam 5C, to largely positive reception. The only downside was that it could only connect to boards that had a Pcam connector (such as the Zybo Z7-20). This year, thanks to feedback from our customers, we have decided to fix that issue with the new FMC-Pcam Adapter!

FMC-Pcam Adapter

The FMC-Pcam Adapter has the high-speed FMC connector on one side and MIPI CSI-2 interfaces on the other (FMC to CSI-2), it comes in dual (2 cameras) and quad (4 cameras) versions and can be connected to a compatible board, such as the Digilent Zedboard. It was designed to connect the Digilent Pcam, but could easily be adapted to connect a Raspberry Pi camera (uses the same interface) for a Raspberry Pi camera to FPGA application.

The ability to connect multiple cameras allows the development of some exciting embedded vision applications, including:

  • High-speed algorithms
  • Camera overlaying
  • Intelligent cameras
  • Multiple video streams going into an FPGA.

So if you have been looking for a way to connect low-cost cameras to your FMC-enabled board, take a look at the FMC-Pcam Adapter and let us know what you think!

low cost camera fpga

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