Introducing the Discovery USB Programmable Power Supply

So I’ve been using the Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450/ADP3250) and the Analog Discovery 2 for some time now.  But one of the things I had to keep on my bench here at home is an older analog power supply.  Sure both the Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450/ADP3250) and the Analog Discovery 2 feature the supplies instrument, but often my designs require a little more juice than the 300 mA of the ADP3450/ADP3250 and the 700 mA (with the auxiliary power supply) of the Analog Discovery 2 can provide.

*Discovery USB Programmable Power Supply (DPS3340) has entered the chat*

But that problem has now been solved!  The all-new Discovery Power Supply (DPS3340) is a dedicated, programmable, triple-output power supply with the current to power all of my designs.  Output 1 can be configured from 1 V to 5 V and can deliver up to 3 A.  Output 2 is a programmable negative supply (-1 V to -15 V and -10 mA to -500 mA) while Output 3 is a programmable positive supply (1 V to 15 V and 10 mA to 500 mA).

I know what you’re thinking. “Neat, a power supply from Digilent that will work with WaveForms. But having to jump between two different WaveForms windows to control both my Digital Discovery and the DPS3340 is going to be annoying.” Not so! The Discovery USB Programmable Power Supply can be used either as a stand-alone device, or in conjunction with any Digilent Test and Measurement device in a single WaveForms instance. Here’s a 37 second video showing you how to do just that: Setting up the Digilent Power Supply DPS3340 for use in WaveForms. – YouTube.

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