DPS3340 Discovery USB Programmable Power Supply: Three Channel Variable DC Programmable Power Supply

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What is the Discovery USB Programmable Power Supply?

Digilent's Discovery USB Programmable Power Supply (DPS3340) is a three channel variable DC programmable power supply that allows users to control the power provided to their external circuits. Providing both constant voltage and constant current modes with built in readback sensors and optional tracking for the output channels, you can confidently power your circuits according to your requirements.

Driven by the free WaveForms software (Mac, Linux, and Windows compatible), the Discovery USB Programmable Power Supply can be used either as a stand-alone product or in combination with any of Digilent's Test and Measurement devices acting as its own Tool within the WaveForms software no external triggers or multiple instances of software required.

  • 1 V to 5 V / 10 mA to 3 A output
  • -1 V to -15 V / -10 mA to -500 mA output
  • 1 V to 15 V / 10 mA to 500 mA output
  • Optional tracking between the -15 V and 15 V outputs
  • Overcurrent protection options provided through WaveForms
  • Auxiliary powered 19 V +/- 5%, 3.2 A maximum, 60 W maximum, 5.5 mm x 1.65 mm, center positive
  • Product Compliance:
    • HTC: 8471809000
    • ECCN: EAR99

Additional details can be found on the DPS3340 Specifications page:

  • DPS3340
  • One red and one black alligator clip to banana plug cable
  • 19 V, 3.4 A Power Supply
  • European and US IEC Cables
  • USB A to B Cable

What is WaveForms?

WaveForms is the free software application for the Discovery USB Programmable Power Supply (DPS3340) and enables the use of three programmable DC outputs. The software has been refined by customer feedback for over 10 years and features a computer and laptop friendly user interface that has the feel of traditional benchtop software. The Discovery USB Programmable Power Supply communicates with WaveForms via a USB connection to your computer, allowing users to control the power supply outputs and enable overcurrent protections. WaveForms can be downloaded and installed in under 60 seconds and can be tested without hardware using its demo mode feature. In addition to the use of instruments in the application, the WaveForms application has a script editor tool, which allows custom scripting of the instrument in JavaScript. WaveForms is designed to be run on a laptop or desktop computer and is Mac, Windows, and Linux compatible.

  • The following instruments are available in the WaveForms application for the Discovery USB Programmable Power Supply:
    • In stand-alone mode:
      • Power Supplies
      • Waveform Generator
      • Meter
    • In conjunction with another Digilent Test and Measurement device:
      • Power Supplies

For even more customization potential, the WaveForms Software Development Kit (SDK) can be used to create custom applications and scripts in Python, C, and additional languages. The Discovery USB Programmable Power Supply is also compatible with LabVIEW and the Digilent Toolbox add-on available for MATLAB.

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The resource center for the Discovery USB Programmable Power Supply (DPS3340) is the central hub of technical content for the device, and contains everything to get started and reduce mean time to test. This includes a getting started guide, documentation, tutorials on each instrument, example projects, and a link to technical support.