Breadboard Breakout For Analog Discovery 2

Today we are excited to announce another new product, the Breadboard Breakout for Analog Discovery 2!

This nifty breakout is designed so you can easily connect and demonstrate portable circuits, and is an alternative to the Flywire assembly for Analog Discovery 2. We received feedback after the Launch of the Breadboard Adapter for Analog Discovery, that customers loved the ability to use the Analog Discovery without being confined to using the flywires, however, they wished that they could use a larger breadboard.

At our workshop at ASEE we met a professor that was hand making a little breakout board for each and every one of his students each year, and wished there was a way that he could purchase them instead. From this, the Breadboard Breakout was born.

Although you can plug the Analog Discovery 2 into the Breadboard Breakout directly or use the flywires, you can also add a Ribbon Cable in the event that you’d like more space between your project and the Analog Discovery. It may look similar, but the ribbon cable is different than the flywires that come with the Analog Discovery 2. Instead of each signal being broken out into a 1-pin female header, all 30 pins are together in a 2×15 female header, making connection must faster. For more information, check out the reference page here!

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