2019 Holiday Gifting Guide

If you’re not quite sure what to get the special engineer in your life, you’re not alone. According to CareerTrend.com, en electrical engineer must be a problem solver, analytical, detail-oriented, AND creative. That list of qualities and character traits eliminates quite a few “traditional” holiday gifts (clothes, jewelry, coffee mugs, a wallet, or a waffle maker). While those things may be quite nice, an engineer needs… more. That’s where we step in with our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. You see, Digilent was made for engineers by engineers. And everything we do is designed to empower the engineer’s wonderfully unique mindset. Below, we have listed twelve items that are sure to make that special someone’s holidays merry and bright. Oh, and if you’re thinking, “Shoot, I’ve already shopped for them this year!“, then you can always file this away for next year (or buy yourself something nice…).

Use the code “HAPPYHOLIDAYS10” at checkout for any of the items below to receive a 10% discount!

For the Stocking

 Analog Discovery 2 Portable Oscilloscope       

  • Pmod ToF – The Pmod ToF (Time of Flight) is a sensor that enables optical distance sensing at low power. We hear Santa uses it on his sleigh. ($19.99) 

Pmod Time of Flight Sensor

  • Cora Z7 The Cora Z7 is a nice little dev board package with more than a pinch of power that won’t have you pinching pennies. ($149.99


  • BNC Adapter When gifting for someone who already owns an Analog Discovery 2, give them the gift of even more flexibility. ($19.99)


  • Pmod GPS – Where in the world is Santa? Maybe you could tell us if you had one of these bad boys. ($39.99)


  • Pcam 5C – For your friend that is building a security camera system for his tree. ($44.99)


  • Basys 3 Pmod Pack – For the friend that’s already started dabbling with FPGAs. Sprinkle some extra love on them! ($45.00)


  • Impedance Analyzer – We finish off with another idea for someone who already has an Analog Discovery 2, because who wouldn’t want more functionality? ($21.99)


For Under the Tree

  • The brand new Genesys ZU – This is akin to when someone gets surprised by a car with a bow on top of it in the driveway. Reserve this one for if you’re in the dog house, or just really want to impress someone (not eligible for HAPPYHOLIDAYS10 discount)

Genesys ZU ultrascale FPGA MPSoC

  • PYNQ-Z1 – Everyone loves the PYNQ-Z1. Get this one for the Python-user, or just the one who loves creating. ($199)


Analog Discovery Studio for lab managers

Zybo embedded vision system with FPGA


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