Using the xFFT IP to Implement an FFT on the Eclypse Z7

Pablo from lent his expertise in Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and applied it to our Eclypse Z7 board (using the SYZYGY Zmod ADC and DAC, and Xilinx’s xFFT IP). By buffering data before and after the FFT, each of the components of the design – the Zmod controllers, the FFT, and the processor – can operate on their own schedules.

From :

When we talk about digital signal processing, 2 things come to my mind. First one is the sine wave, used as a cover page of a lot of books about signal processing, and the second one, is the fourier transform.

Fourier transform is used for travel between 2 domains, temporally domain, where all of us are comfortable seeing our signals waving, and the frequency domain, where the signals, normally, are static, but is in this domain, where we can obtain more information about the characteristics of the signal. In this post I do not pretend explain the Fourier Transform or its variant, the Fast Fourier Transform, for that there are free books like this, or web pages like this, where you can find information. In this post I will explain how to use the xFFT IP for implement an FFT on the Digilent’s Eclypse Z7 board, but the same can be used with any 7 Series FPGA.

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