The (Ultimate) ZYBOt Guide

Back in March, we released a blog post announcing the ZYBOt. There was a set of Instructables and a video showing what the ZYBOt is all about. If you check those out, you can see that the ZYBOt is remote-controlled and has a video feed that can be displayed to a computer. The ZYBOt is a great project for people that want to dive into working with FPGAs and Linux.

The Zybot


The Instructables on the ZYBOt were great. But we wanted to make an all-inclusive guide on our Wiki. We wanted to make something that would be the authoritative guide for the ZYBOt project. I’m very excited to announce the (Ultimate) ZYBOt Guide. The guide itself is portioned into logical sections, much like the original Instructables.


The ZYBOt guide has been divided into several sections:

  • The Parts List
  • Dual Booting Windows and Linux
  • Loading Ubuntu onto the MicroSD Card
  • Setting up the ZYBO
  • Setting up the Software
  • Building the Zybot
  • The Controller


Check out the Ultimate Guide to building your own ZYBOt!


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