The Embedded Muse Reviews the Analog Discovery 2

Jack Ganssle runs the Embedded Muse, an engineering newsletter that has gone out twice per month since 1997. In it, he published a review of Digilent’s WaveForms 2015 and the Analog Discovery 2. Ganssle also reviewed the original Analog Discovery here.

Richard Wall and Ganssle pointed out some of the amazing pros to using the Analog Discovery 2 with WaveForms 2015. They were particularly impressed with the logic analyzer’s capabilities and the ruggedness of the WaveForms software interface. Additionally, they comment on the improvements they saw and some suggestions they have for improvements.

Read the rest of the review here for more information, and let us know what you think! What have your experiences been with the Analog Discovery 2 and WaveForms 2015?

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2 Comments on “The Embedded Muse Reviews the Analog Discovery 2”

  1. I can only second his statement that being able to trigger the analog scope from the logic analyzer is useful. The other way round is also interesting. Both allow efficient debugging of mixed-signal circuits. And they are helpful when one wants to spot signal quality problems (then you can connect both the scope and the LA to the same signal, and when a problematic digital signal comes in you can use the scope to see what it really looks like).

  2. It would be useful if the new WaveForms software had a plugin mechanism or scripts to do decoding more & more new serial protocols

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