The Digilent Design Contest Gets an Electropages Review!

Recently the writers at Electropages took their time to review the 13th International Student Competition Digilent Design Contest. With the conclusion of this exciting event, it’s  incredibly exciting to hear what the writers at Electropages had to say about the contest process, project outcomes, and all-around winners! While many of you may have previously heard about our annual Design Contest, the review provides a wonderful break down of what happened this year.

The review begins with a brief introduction of the Digilent Design Contest mission, stating:

“The competition aims to encourage creativity, originality and commonsense to students, their mobilization in the implementation of projects of high complexity.”

This mission has resulted in fantastic projects from a wide range of students, leading many to successful careers following their contest involvement. Students often reminisce on this experience as challenging yet decidedly positive as they discuss the important skills they learned that brought success in subsequent academic and careers environments.


The review then goes on to discuss the resources provided to participating students, commenting that:

“Students enrolled receive free hardware platforms (FPGA systems) and develop their own projects, to present in the final stage (oral, practical demonstration and documentation).”

When signing up for the Digilent Design Contest, students are supported by free, newly released hardware, some of which was yet to be released on the Digilent Store! These students were eligible to receive their hacking hardware following registration and competition acceptance, enabling them to create projects that Electropages credited as showing high levels of complexity and imagination:

“Most projects have shown a high degree of complexity, demonstrated imagination, knowledge and communication skills of the authors.”

When browsing the Digilent Design Contest winners, it’s clear that this year was no exception for outstanding student achievement and amazing project results. The Electropages review even reported that:

“Juries have had a difficult task in ranking the best projects.”

While the challenge of ranking student projects is nothing new for the judges involved, our recent review in Electropages is, and we are thrilled to receive such a positive recap of the contest!

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