Improve Your Summer Project Functionality!

The sun is shining and the birds are here to stay, as we welcome summertime with new opportunities for makerspace projects! While some lucky makers and hobbyists might have their seasonal projects planned and ready-to-go, others (like myself) may soon begin to feel overwhelmed by all of the free time and project-potential. With so many projects to choose from, and so little time to complete them all (#WinterIsComing), it can be helpful to have assistance when attempting to choose the perfect product to reduce early summer anxiety.

Luckily, we’re here to help with our newest promotion. For a limited time we are sending a FREE Pmod Shield with any chipKIT uC32, Arty, or PmodOLEDrgb purchase to help improve your summer project potential!

With the Pmod Shield you can attach additional circuitry to your uC32 or Arty and access connectors that allow the use of most Digilent peripheral modules. Simply connect the shield (as shown in the image above) and gain access to five 2×6 Pmod connectors for greater project functionality. This board will appear in your cart when purchasing any uC32, Arty, or PmodOLEDrgb and is not limited to one per purchase. So jump into microcontrollers or explore FPGA this summer (get started by following James as he befriends the Arty) and receive one free Pmod Shield with every qualifying product purchased!

Remember to visit us on the Digilent Forum for help with technical questions (or summer project ideas) and share your project success with us on social media. We can’t wait to hear about your summer projects and see what you create!

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