Smooth Sailing for the Digital Discovery

A few months ago we announced a chance to RoadTest the Digital Discovery and High Speed Adapter on element14. After months of waiting with bated breath we are pleased to announce the reviews are in! After two months of product testing, the reviewers have begun publishing their thoughts about our new digital Instrumentation device. These newly published reviews are more than we could have hoped for. The reviews have come with videos and photos to document our RoadTesters’ first time experience getting their device up and running, downloading WaveForms 2015, and taking first measurements.

While starting to read each review you will quickly discover the amount of effort each RoadTester placed in their reviewing process. A glimpse of what the RoadTesters concluded is first presented at the top of the page through a scoring guide that details a brief overview of product expectations, software quality, ease of use, and more. Within these scoring conclusions we find that most reviews rated the Digital Discovery fairly highly with minor improvement suggestions for the product’s ease of use and support materials.

The RoadTesters then go on to describe the product unboxing where photos document their Digital Discovery and High Speed Adapter arrival. As one RoadTester describes:

“I took the liberty to see how was designed, so I had a look at its PCB (as an embedded hardware engineer I couldn’t resist not to).”

Although the Digital Discovery is packaged in polycarbonate, we usually do not recommend removing this casing to keep the PCB safe. After opening up the Instrumentation to take a look under the hood, the RoadTesters began documenting their  WaveForms 2015 download process. For those following along with this RoadTest review, an alternative guide for Getting Started with the Digital Discovery can be found on the Digilent Wiki for each WaveForms 2015 compatible operating system (i.e. a guide for Linux, Windows, and Mac users).

RoadTesters were quick to get their Digital Discovery up and running after setting up WaveForms 2015. While each RoadTester used a different approach to what tests were completed first, most began testing the various software tools. These tests were often supported with video documentation such as the video linked above using the Script feature. You can view these in depth first timer reviews of the Digital Discovery on the element14 RoadTest webpage.

If you have an interest in participating in future RoadTests, you can currently enroll for the OpenScope MZ Development Kit RoadTest. Enrollment is open until November 14th, 2017 and five kits will be offered to the most qualified applicants. Whether you apply to RoadTest or not, we always appreciate product reviews and encourage anyone who wishes to share their experience on our store!

Let us know what you think by writing a review or let us know what we can do differently in the comments below then stay tuned for future posts covering more of the RoadTest product reviews.

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