Simple Stilts Project

Whether it be for a Halloween costume or just adding a few extra inches to intimidate those around you, it never hurts to have the ability to fashion your own low-cost stilts! This project provides a method for you to add about 6 inches to any height, are low profile enough to hide in baggy pants, and can hold well over 250 lbs of weight. They are also a reasonably simple build. Check out how with my Instructable!


The original version of this project lights up with each step (employing an LED strip), but if you are using these for a costume you can modify this aspect anyway you would like.  You could even keep the original switch installed but alter the output, so that perhaps instead of lighting up with each step, the stilts play the Star Wars Imperial March!

If you are looking for a project that adds a little bit more height there are some excellent Instructables detailing how to do just that. And if you are feeling particularly advanced, this Instructable on Werewolf Stilts is pretty incredible!





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