Save Time And Circuits With Canvas

For millions of electrical engineering students across the globe, this scenario will be familiar. You have built a circuit, and have taken care to ensure that each little component leg is connected with the right spot on the breadboard. Countless hours have been spent designing, constructing and assembling with a painstaking touch that can only be described as loving.

And then it happens.

You open your bag, or perhaps go to plug in your circuit, only to discover that it is not the circuit you remember. Maybe it was bad luck or perhaps the fact that you attempted to safely transport wires and a breadboard in a backpack, but now nothing is working and both the circuit and a tiny piece of your heart are broken.

Fortunately, this does not have to be a problem any longer. With the Analog Discovery Studio and Canvas, you can keep your valuable circuit intact!

Now a student can securely and easily bring their lab work home with them, by putting their work on a Canvas. They can have it at home, and easily bring it into the lab to use with the Analog Discovery Studio. They don’t have to take it apart and reassemble it on the circuit, instead, they can snap the Canvas on and off with the secure magnetic connection. It even comes with a protective carrying case!

Additionally, if they want to set up their labs and leave them at school, they can have multiple Canvases. The Canvases come in a plastic case so they are convenient to put in a backpack, and also come in two varieties.

The Breadboard Canvas is a removable and replaceable breadboardable interface that includes common circuit components, including two momentary buttons, two basic switches, and three different colored LEDS, all accessible from a mini breadboard connection at the top of the Breadboard Canvas as well as power.

The Blank Canvas is more of an open-ended prototyping tool and comes at a lower price point than the Breadboard Canvas.

Canvas can even be helpful to more than just students. If a professor wants to use the Analog Discovery Studio in a lecture to demonstrate concepts, they can use the blank canvas which has a solderable surface, in order to have labs permanently set up for demonstration. 

Breadboard Canvas in action!

So stop tearing circuits apart and start putting that time towards the projects themselves, with the Analog Discovery Studio and Canvas… coming in June of this year!

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