Partnering with CircuitBread on a New DC Circuits Lesson Series

Digilent has partnered with CircuitBread to create high-quality electrical engineering lessons on the topic of DC Circuits.  Utilizing Digilent’s resources and engineers in conjunction with CircuitBread’s experience in educational content, the two teams are working together to create the most useful series on DC Circuits possible while simultaneously reaching out to as many engineering students as possible.

The first lesson on DC Circuits has already been completed, with two more lessons currently in the process, and more lessons planned.  The first written lesson on Introduction to Circuit Analysis is found on CircuitBread’s site while the associated video tutorial is on YouTube.  As we continue through the series, associated practicums will utilize our Analog Discovery 3, designed for use at an engineer or student’s desk, perfect for those students, hobbyists, or engineers that are studying with CircuitBread’s content.  These tools and content will help move these concepts into the practical, usable skills that electrical and electronics engineers need.

For access to other educational content that Digilent has created, see our reference material here. 

For more information about CircuitBread, see their team and mission



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