Making a Spy Rover

With the growth of computer science and cybernetics, the first mobile robots debuted during World War II. In the decades since, further advancements have made it possible to create a wide range of mobile robots, all with varying purposes and capabilities. But now, Instructables user MarioaraR explains how to make your very own Spy Rover with a chipKIT Wi-FIRE.

This Instructable details, as previously mentioned, how to make a Spy Rover. It uses the chipKIT Wi-FIRE as a main controller, and the PmodGYRO, PmodACL, PmodGPS, the PmodMAXSONAR, and the PmodBT2 act as sensors. They all connect to a smart device, which provides the brain for this robot. Two motors connected by an H-bridge provide mobility, and the camera sits on top of a separate stepper motor. The camera transmits the image data to the PC or smart device you’ve connected.


This project would certainly provide a challenge, one we’d look forward to seeing! If you’ve made this or something similar, let us know!

The complete Spy Rover.
The complete Spy Rover. Image from Instructables.
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