A Message from Digilent President Steve Johnson

I hope everyone is having a great summer and finding a little extra time to do those things that you’ve been hoping to get to all year. Here at Digilent, the office changes character as we welcome a large crew of marketing and engineering interns. The energy and enthusiasm that they bring is infectious and helps keep us focused on our educational mission. The slower summer months between semesters are also a great time for us to work on big projects needed for keeping up with the company’s growth. Many of these projects are not very visible to our customers, such as our recent migration to a new manufacturing resource planning (MRP) platform that is used to help manage our growing product line and inventory. One of our most exciting projects will soon be very visible to everyone — a complete website overhaul. The new Digilent website is being built on a state-of-the-art eCommerce platform that will be cleaner and more modern looking, easier to navigate, and allow you to create and manage your own account profile, including order status and history. We plan to have the new website up in time for fall semester, but until then, please enjoy all the new products, educational content, and project resources that our intern-boosted teams are putting together this summer!


By Steve Johnson

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