FPGA-Based Hexapod Robot

Recently, Adam Taylor created and published a Hexapod Robot on Hackster.io, using a Digilent Cora Z7-10 (as well as a few other materials). His goal was to “show how to build a walking hexapod robot that would be controlled by a heterogeneous SoC, and that combined ARM processors with programmable logic. The finished product is capable of walking and navigating around its environment using sonar and IMU.”

Creating a two degree-of-freedom (DoF) hexapod can be tricky, but his project goes into extensive detail and instruction on how to go about building his creation. In addition to using the Cora Z7 as the controller, it also employs a Pmod MAXSONAR and a Pmod Nav to help the bot “see” and react to its environment. 

Cora Z7 integrated with PWM shield.

Make sure you check out the full project here!

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