External Interrupts on MPIDE

Do you remember the For Cheap Robots series on Instructables by our very own Jay Weeks? Now he’s back with a brand new series on interrupts. Specifically, external interrupts on MPIDE.

You won’t need much for this tutorial, just one of the chipKIT boards from Digilent (these include the DP32, uC32, or WF32), an appropriate programming cable, and some wire.


This tutorial covers both what interrupts aren’t and what they are, as well as guiding you through the code once you’ve uploaded the interrupts to whichever board you’re using. It then guides you through debouncing and then the main functions needed for implementing interrupts. The tutorial also explores volatile variables and precisely where you can find the interrupts.

This is a good way to familiarize yourself with introductory interrupts. There’s a second part, so look forward to that in the coming days!


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