Emulated Speedometer on an LCD

How quickly life goes by… that’s where this emulated speedometer Instructable by  comes in. You can use this as a simulator to see how quickly a projectile could or would move. Best of all, he uses an LCD and the Nexys 4 DDR to accomplish this! 

You’ll need a Nexys 4 DDR, a VmodTFT LCD (which will serve as the display for the speedometer), and the VmodMIB. As far as software goes, make sure you have access to Xilinx’s ISE Suite Design 14.7, EDK 14.7, and MATLAB.

To begin, set up the graphics controlled for the LCD. This can be done by implementing VHDL code with the VmodTFT. Then, configure the system architecture using the XPS tool from EDK. Use MATLAB to implement the mathematical concepts at work. Finally, initialize the C code (using the SDK tool from EDK) to get everything running together.

This fascinating project has so much potential, both practically and for entertainment. What would you use your emulated speedometer for?


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