Embrace Your Geekness!

It’s finally the day we’ve all been waiting for, the day we get to embrace our inner geek and show off all the ways we love being unique! Today is the day we celebrate Embrace Your Geekness Day through hijinks and awesome projects that show just how grateful we are for all of the geeky gadgets that make our lives complete.

Whether you’re rather fond of cosplay, or building boards from scratch, we welcome you to join us in expressing your true passions! While we may have started celebrating a week too early (we simply couldn’t resist), we hope our creative efforts of reinterpreting our favorite products help you see that there truly is no wrong way to celebrate this holiday. So jump outside your comfort zone and get inspired as we count down the ways we’ve honored our engineering roots.

WaveForms Interpretive Dance

Our love for waveforms took on a new form recently with our WaveForms 2015 Interpretive Dance montage. We downloaded the software and used the free WaveForms demo to fondly commemorate our favorite waves. This inspiring session lead us to an interpretive dance that represented each of our favorite waveforms, to the best of our ability. While watching the video above, try to guess our favorite waves!

Digilent Board Inspired Cookies

Digilent Board Cookies

Starting as a fun cookie project, with the ability to turn into a vicious office prank, this product interpretation was downright delicious! Who knew each of these boards had the potential for edible greatness? We loved the way our two 4-digit 7-segment Nexys 4 DDR cookie turned out and had to be careful not to mistake the mighty Analog Discovery 2 cookie and its real life counterpart.

Getting Arty with the Arty Development Board


As a throwback to childhood we then challenged ourselves to draw the Arty development board blind. For this artistic interpretation, one individual was tasked with holding the Arty while another attempted to draw the board without looking at their drawing. Just as it was in childhood this challenge proved somewhat difficult, yet our Arty still managed to become a valuable piece of abstract art that we will cherish forever. If you are looking for a way to express yourself during Embrace Your Geekness Day, we highly suggest trying this activity with friends. It removes prior artistic skill level and establishes an even playing field where anyone can create beautiful art!

Geeky Microcontroller Theme Song

Looking for more Digilent inspired interpretive projects? We challenge you to recreate this simple 12 note piano project to play a geeky rendition of your favorite T.V. show theme song! It’s a great way to express your inner geek goddess and we provide all of the instructions and code in the linked Instructable (here).

Find the tutorial for this simple 12 note piano project here.
Find the tutorial for this simple 12 note piano project here.

Please share your creations and how you plan to enjoy this holiday with us in the comments below! We would love to hear about how you celebrate.

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