Digilent’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide


If you’re like me, you need to be explicitly told by a number of listicles what a good gift idea might be. Even if it’s something as simple as perfume for my wife, I will, without fail, scour the internet with queries like “best perfumes 2020” or “favorite scents for women”. That way, if my wife doesn’t like what I pick for her, I can shift blame to whatever list I was inspired by. It’s a nice racket, and that’s why Digilent is here for you to help shop for your favorite engineer. By all means, if one of these products doesn’t work out, we’ll be the scapegoat.

Without further ado, here are products that I’ve picked out from the Digilent Store that I think will aide in the quest for the perfect present. Oh, and since you’re here… enter HAPPYHOLIDAYS2020 at checkout to receive 15% off of your purchase.

For the Hobbyist (or Hacker…) – Arty S7 ($129)

We could go on and on and on about just how perfect the affordable Arty S7 is for the person in your life that just can’t keep his or her hands off of electronics, but we’ve done that. You’ll just have to trust that we (and everyone else) know what we’re talking about.      View on Store Page


basys 3For the Guy/Gal Who Just Got Into FPGA – Basys 3 ($149)

Now is as good of time as ever to get into FPGA. There are numerous courses like this one that ease a curious mind into the expansive world of field programmable gate arrays. The Basys 3 is ideally suited to be the companion for embarking on that learning journey, as it comes with ready-to-use hardware and a slew of development tools (and not to mention a great price point!).      View on Store Page

For the Non-Committal One – Digital Discovery ($199)

The Digital Discovery allows the user to change the logic level and output drive (among other things), so is a great gift for an engineer that wants to explore other options and remain flexible. Instead of being stuck with something that only works with 3.3V systems, the Digital Discovery also works with 1.2V – 3.3V systems, or systems that have mixed logic levels.     View on Store Page

cmod a7For the Circuit Enthusiast – Cmod A7 ($75)

If you know someone that has been trying to add a bit of ‘oomph’ to their embedded system, a Cmod might be a thoughtful choice for them. It’s got a uniquely small form factor, is breadboardable, and it will fit into a stocking! A wonderful platform for digital logic circuits.      View on Store Page

For the ‘Power Fiend’ – PowerBRICKS ($13.99)

Sometimes, people can get a bit carried away with power. Other times, like perhaps with the recipient of the PowerBRICKS you have in mind, people just need a portable power punch for their project. These little guys are great as stocking stuffers, and can always find a use.     View on Store Page

For the Software Dev – PYNQ-Z1 ($199)

As coding and software development gain in popularity each year, so does the need for practical application of those skills. The PYNQ-Z1 is designed to be used with PYNQ, an open-source framework featuring Python that enables embedded programmers to exploit the powerful Xilinx FPGA without having to design programmable logic circuits.  A developer’s dream.    View on Store Page

oblique image of zedboardFor the Jack/Jill of All Trades – ZedBoard ($449)

You know how every holiday season (at least in the USA), car companies start hawking those commercials in which people inexplicably buy luxury cars for each other as gifts? The bottom line is, if those ads didn’t increase car sales, they wouldn’t be played every holiday season. These last two items are like that for us, but hey, shoot your shot, right? If you really love an engineer out there, get them a Zedboard. A Zynq core, a multitude of peripherals, and applications to plentiful to list.      View on Store Page

Eclypse Z7 with ZmodsFor the Data Collector – Eclypse Z7 ($499)

The Eclypse Z7 is indeed a luxury gift, but if you’ve shopped around you’ll see it isn’t too bougie. It isn’t just a board, it’s an ecosystem. A developing environment. Using the SYZYGY outfitted Zmod ADC and DAC, you can process signals in a blink, collect measurements and data with FPGA performance, and benefit from Digilent’s software API, making your scientist or researcher elf very merry this season.     View on Store Page


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