Five Projects for Your Arty S7

The Arty S7, our FPGA development board using the cost efficient Xilinx Spartan 7, gives users plenty of I/O and expansion options to work with. Since its inception in 2018, we’ve seen it used in some great projects and guides. We wanted to share with you five of our favorites.

Temperature Detection

Source – The Digilent Arty S7: An Unexpected Journey

In this project, Element14 user gecoz uses the Arty S7 and Xilinx’s Vivado to create a system that alerts you upon a change in temperature. With these steps, you’ll be able to manage four monitored zones, set the temperature threshold in each zone, acquire the background/reference frame, and reset the alarm.

System Sketch of Arty S7 in Action


Your Very Own Breathalyzer

Source – MikroBus Xilinx Breath Analyzer

The Digilent Arty S7 has the perfect amount of peripherals to make this project work. In addition to that, have our resource library available, including schematics of every board (like this one for the Arty S7), makes it pretty handy. The project uses the power of the Spartan 7 FPGA to build a breathalyzer using an Alcohol Sensor, Alcohol 2 Click, to measure ethanol in a person’s breath and a display the relative level on a LED bar graph.

hardware design with xilinx spartan 7


Adding Audio I/O

Source – Add Audio In and Out to Designs with the Pmod I2S2

This project makes use of our Analog Discovery 2 and Pmods as well as the Arty S7 to create an input and output for audio in almost any design. Using the Arty S7 to run a pass through demo, you can create your own audio project.


A Low-Cost Imaging System

Source – Creating an FPGA-Based Low Cost Imaging System 

You can develop a very powerful image processing system using a cost optimized FPGA /SoC interfacing directly with a CMOS sensor. This allows a solution to be created which is not only achieves cost targets but also one which is compact and power efficient.

fpga based image processing


Measuring Environmental Data

Source – Measure Environmental Data through Digilent Art S7 & Pmods

In this tutorial, we use Arty S7, four Pmods, and a multi-touch display shield (MTDS) to collect, process and display environmental data. First, you will learn to build the hardware platform, then create the software to follow.


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