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Today we will be giving a quick tour of the Digilent resource center, using the Arty Z7 as an example product.

In case you are not familiar, the resource center for any product can be accessed by scrolling down the product page in the Support Materials on the right hand side.

Once inside the resource center for a product, you have access to the extended description of the product in the top center of the page. This allows us to go more in depth into the product’s hardware and potential uses.


Then, if you look on the side column, you can find information more pertinent to the hardware itself, including the following:

Features and specifications is where you can find the quick, relevant facts and features on the product. In the case of the Arty Z7, it highlights some of the most useful features of the board such as its Vivado and Petalinux support and shield connectors.

Key specifications is where we go a bit more in depth, in this case, in regards specifically to the product as an FPGA. This is a great place to check and make sure a product meets your expectations for what you might need for an application. 

Connectivity and onboard I/O is where we provide useful information on a device’s compatibility, so you can make sure you are connecting it properly.

Electrical and physical specifications details the physical size and power requirement of a product.

Then, if you scroll down underneath the description and product photo, you can find additional resources designed to get you up and running with the product. This includes:

Documentation which provides the master list of the resources for the product.

Tutorials is a great place to go to get started with, or get help with a project.

Example Projects shows some documentation of the product in action to inspire ideas and provide sample work.

Additional Resources compiles a list of the other places you can go to find helpful information about the product.


Hopefully this quick tour provided some insight on how to navigate and use the resource center, and as always, if you need additional assistance feel free to head over to our Forum to ask or browse questions.

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  1. Hi Miranda,

    If I happened to find any additional resources for a board that I wanted to share with other users or found a mistake in the documentation, who/where is the best place for that?


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