Add Impedance Analysis to the Analog Discovery

One of the recent additions to WaveForms was the Impedance Analyzer Instrument. This tool can be used on the Analog Discovery and Electronics Explorer test and measurement devices. The Impedance Analyzer Instrument is useful in analyzing capacitive and inductive elements. It uses Waveform Generator one, and both Oscilloscope channels, as well as a reference resistor for analysis. Below you can see the tool in action:

The reference resistor and circuit are to be chosen and built as below, and the resistor is selected based on the expected impedance of the load. Based on customer feedback, we’ve decided to preload this circuit onto an add-on module.

Introducing, the Impedance Analyzer for Analog Discovery. 

With the Impedance Analyzer add-on module, you can simply select the “Adapter” option in the resistor configuration drop down in the Impedance Analyzer Instrument, and WaveForms will automatically select the appropriate reference resistor.

For more information about the Impedance Analyzer for Analog Discovery, check out its store page and resource center. 


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One Comment on “Add Impedance Analysis to the Analog Discovery”

  1. I was thinking of designing that adapter this summer! Thanks for saving me the effort.

    Incidentally, there is a bug in the Impedance meter export, where it occasionally exports the frequencies as linear steps, when they were taken logarithmically. I’ve not figured out yet what triggers this bug, but many of my students have experienced it.

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