Arty A7-100T Now Available!

After a few months of the “coming soon” page, we are happy to announce that the Arty A7-100T is now available to purchase!

We announced the Arty A7-100 on our “Arty Party” Instagram Live. The board includes everything that our customers enjoy about the original Arty (A7-35T), but with Xilinx’s largest sized Artix 7- FPGA (100-T). This FPGA (the same FPGA that is on our Nexys 4 DDR) has enough logic slices to prototype a custom processor. The Arty A7-100T is also about 3X the resources as the Arty A7-35T.

Product Variant Arty A7-35T Arty A7-100T
FPGA Part Number XC7A35TICSG324-1L XC7A100TCSG324-1
Look-up Tables (LUTs) 5,200 15,850
Flip-Flops 29,200 65,200
Block RAM 225 KB 607.5 KB
Clock Management Tiles 5 6


Let’s take a walk around the Arty A7-100T!

Callout Description Callout Description Callout Description
1 FPGA programming DONE LED 8 User RGB LEDs 15 chipKIT processor reset
2 Shared USB JTAG / UART port 9 User slide switches 16 Pmod connectors
3 Ethernet connector 10 User push buttons 17 FPGA programming reset button
4 MAC address sticker 11 Arduino/chipKIT shield connectors 18 SPI flash memory
5 Power jack for optional external supply 12 Arduino/chipKIT shield SPI connector 19 Artix 7-100T FPGA
6 Power good LED 13 chipKIT processor reset jumper 20 Micron DDR3 memory
7 User LEDs 14 FPGA programming mode 21 Dialog Semiconductor DA9062 power supply


At $249 USD, the Arty A7-100T is one of the lowest cost options for those wishing to evaluate the top of the line Artix FPGA. Go check out the product page!

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2 Comments on “Arty A7-100T Now Available!”

  1. Have been waiting for this version to be released, although I’m disappointed that the price is over double the price of the Arty A7-35T variant.

  2. We already purchased the ARTY A7 board from digilent, but we are not getting board supported files.
    Please suggest me how to get and use them.

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