Digilent On Instructables: Part Two

You may have seen our post last week with the names and Instructables handles of our wonderful project creators. The hope is that this will make it easier for anyone to find people and projects that they are inspired by.

Today we continue our profiles with three more authors!

Ella: Ella Rickerson

Opposite Austin, Ella is our other LabVIEW expert and a large percentage of her projects focus on exploring the capabilities of the LabVIEW software. Her projects include getting started tutorials, the integration of physics and hardware (such as her Seismometer Exercise Box!) and even office supply projectile launchers.

“Using the Pmod ACL2, the WF32 and LabVIEW I made a simple exercise box that you jump on. It measures the quality of your landing, the time in-between each jump and the force of each landing.”


Ella has a background with LabVIEW from previous work experience, and enjoys the freedom and flexibility that the software allows. Coming from her scientific background, LabVIEW is a natural fit for many of her projects.

A lovely and completely safe addition to the Digilent Offices!

Jay: JayWeeks

Perhaps known best for his Cardboard Robots series, Jay is an Instructables veteran. His high-quality photo style and helpful documentation have earned him the respect of both the Digilent and Instructables communities.

A Jay Weeks Classic. Circa 2016.
A Jay Weeks Classic. Circa 2016.

Jay has worked a lot with Pmods and microcontrollers, especially his favorite board the chipKIT DP32. His tutorials and projects are ideal for makers of all skill levels, and are well organized and broken down by functionality so you can always find what you are looking for.


Jay comes from a mechanical engineering background, and his expertise is reflected in many of the clever solutions he concocts for his various projects. Whether you intend to create a line-following sensor, or add a robot arm to your project, Jay can help guide you through the necessary steps!

Brandon: Bkallaher

Brandon’s work involves a lot of FPGA’s, specifically the Arty and Basys 3. His talents have yielded some awesome improvements to projects like the Claw Game, the creation of a Arty-Powered Vending Machine, as well as the nickname “Digital Brandon”.



His concise and technical documentation style is a favorite of many both on Instructables and here on the Digilent Blog. His work also includes contributing to the creation of custom cores for Pmods, and projects with the Cmod A7.

A Cmod A7 Stopwatch.
A Cmod A7 Stopwatch.

Hopefully this post has helped you find some awesome projects and authors. As always please feel free to comment below, and make sure to stay tuned for next weeks profiles!

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