Find Digilent On Instructables: Part One

As you may have noticed, we here at Digilent are big fans of projects! If you happen to enjoy Digilent projects, make sure to follow us on Instructables so you can find all of the step by step guides for a variety of different applications.
This blog post will profile some of our fabulous authors and where to find their work, as well as what kind of hardware and products they tend to use. This way if you are into microcontrollers for example, you can follow authors who use them with frequency.
So without further ado, lets introduce our first round of authors!
Brandon M: brmarcum
Brandon happens to be a bit of an analog whiz, so many of his projects are completed using electronic components. His Laser Trip Wire Project was made using entirely analog components, WaveForms 2015 software, and an Electronics Explorer Board!
In addition to this he is also a heavy user of the Analog Discovery 2! Brandon is currently writing a series that highlights the capabilities of the Analog Discovery 2 and WaveForms 2015.
In Brandon’s own words:
“I’ve always loved to figure out how things work, so hacking and making just fits for me.”
 Kaitlyn: Commanderfranz
Kaitlyn’s projects also include a lot of work with the Analog Discovery 2, though she also makes many projects and tutorials with the Basys 3 and Zybo. Her 44 published Instructables detail everything from how to get started with Arty, to how to make a LED Spider Costume for dogs!
Jericho in all his glow-ry.
Bonus! On her Instructables page, you also get to see more adorable pictures of her dogs, Nick and Jericho!
Considering he is one of our two LabVIEW interns, it should come as no surprise that many of his project focus on, well, LabVIEW! He is incredibly good at combining LabVIEW software with other products to make new and amazing projects.
This includes LabVIEW and the Raspberry Pi for his battling SumoBot, LabVIEW and the chipKIT WF32 for his Thermistor Fan Control project. Most recently he added knobs to the Analog Discovery 2 using… you might have guessed it… LabVIEW!
Make sure to check out these awesome authors and their projects, and stay tuned for our next round of profiles. Additionally please comment your Instructables username or one of your favorite projects below for a chance to be featured on the blog!
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