Basic Waveform Measurement and Display

If you or anyone you know is learning the basics of electronics one of the things they’ll have to figure out is basic testing and measurement. We have a great project on the Learn site that can introduce one to basic waveform measurement and display with the help of the Analog Discovery.


This project introduces the Analog Discovery’s oscilloscope instrument. An oscilloscope is possibly the most useful, general-purpose tool of all electrical measurement systems. Oscilloscopes (commonly called “scopes” for short) measure voltage as a function of time. Most other devices used in the measurement of electrical signals (such as digital multimeters, or DMMs) make some assumptions as to the time-varying behavior of the signal being measured and provide a single number which supposedly characterizes the signal. An oscilloscope allows the user to view the time-varying function directly, so no assumptions need to be made as to the actual signal shape.


Using WaveForms software to begin acquiring data from the oscilloscope.
Using WaveForms software to begin acquiring data from the oscilloscope.

So, check out the project and let us know what you think!

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