What Instructors Want from Labs

In a Wired magazine article, physics professor Rhett Allain answers some of the questions he gets from students about what he’s looking for in the lab.


Do you want me to make a graph?

How many different masses should I measure?

What angle do you want this ramp at?

What units do you want me to use?1


Allain answers that he wants, more than anything, for students to be able to construct a model. That is, students should have the practical knowledge to learn by building, or making. Does that sound familiar? It certainly should, as that is one of the basic tenets of what we teach at Digilent — making is learning.


Here at Digilent, we try to make sure you have the tools you need (whether you’re an instructor, student, or independent maker) to build the knowledge you’re seeking. Check out our Learn site for educational materials to accompany our products, and soon we’ll even have some cool bundles that put everything in a convenient package!

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