Throwback Thursday: Digilab Begins

A few weeks ago, we did a throwback that included the D2XL. And now we can take a look back at the original Digilab I! It’s one of the first boards we made (circa 2001), and it’s always interesting to see how far we’ve come.

The  Digilab I displayed on a colleague's wall.
The Digilab I displayed on a colleague’s wall.

One of the others in the Digilab series was the Digilab Breadboard. It was sent out for production, but the wrong files were sent. We ended up with 500 Digilab boards that were essentially just breadboards. Gene Apperson still uses them as just that.


Digilab-breadboard-circuit (1)
Gene Apperson’s circuit on one of the Digilab Breadboards.


These boards have certainly been around a long time. Tune in next week for more TBT!

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