99 Digilent Learn Projects & Modules for Learning Digital

The holiday season is a wonderful time to regroup and engage with family and friends, but it can also be the ideal time to learn something new, teach someone else a skill, revise a curriculum, or just take on a challenging project like the one below.

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We invite you to use our Learn Site to create and implement projects as well as to find course materials educators can use in the classroom.
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Many of the modules are complete with a “Test Your Knowledge” portion at the bottom.
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This modules for the Clock Divider using an FPGA even has a  “Challenge Problem”.
These are ideal for instructors to use as “homework” projects as they are readily available online with no login necessary to browse or click on the links.  The Learn Site allows students, hobbyists and electronic enthusiasts to take a hands-on approach to learning digital on their own unique schedules and educational prowess.
The Digital Learn tab has a variety of topics available include basic knowledge on electronics to Vivado projects to  specific concepts like XOR and XNOR.
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Getting Started with FPGA is a popular Learn module with very little hands-on work with your board, but it is a good reference if you ever forget how to start your projects.
Review projects that expand your knowledge or help you hone your skills for Digital, Analog, FPGA and microcontroller applications, or basic electronics.
Learn Related topicsFind helpful search bars in the modules called “Related Materials”, to help you expand your knowledge of a particular topic of interest.
Use the search function to help you navigate and locate the precise area of interest to you.
Learn on your terms, practice your skills in your home or dorm room.  Share this post with your students and friends!  It’s easy to get started.  Let us know what you think.


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