What Pokemon Team Do You Truly Belong On?

As you may have heard, the phenomenon known as Pokemon Go! is currently in the process of sweeping the nation. This game has already had an unprecedented impact, forever altering the way we view mobile gaming, augmentation technology, and our local landmarks.

It is is a testament to more than just our dedication to Catch Em All. It is also a way for people to connect, collaborate and align themselves with those around them.

Yes, the Pokemon Go! gyms have served as more than just a way to be misleading about how much one works out. When we first visit they also pose to us a question, a very personal inquiry about just who we are… and what we stand for.

Those of us who sway toward gut-feeling likely ended up with the Spark-led Team Instinct. They who choose to trust their wisdom and intellect found solace in the alliance of Team Mystic, and those who favor power and passion may have found themselves among the ranks of Team Valor.

And those of us who did not fully read or pay attention to the introduction sequences, choosing instead to rush through them and just select one at random so they could get started with the gym-battling part under the faith that it would all work out in the end, probably ended up with any of the three.

(Though in my opinion if this is your approach, you probably belong on Team Instinct.)

Regardless of one’s affiliation and whether they are  “right or wrong”,  “informed or misguided”, “Team Instinct or one of those other ones”, we are all united by our loyalty to our respective factions. Our unyielding dedication towards our alliances is one of the most intriguing and powerful aspects of the game.

As one anonymous source stated:

“As a proud team yellow member, I stand for trust and having faith in both the Pokemon, myself, and my ability to make excellent and informed choices based upon factors that totally were not just which team logo was the shiniest.”

-Miranda Hansen, but like a different one, who has nothing to do with the author of this post. 

Mask has been implemented to protect the identity of the anonymous source.
Mask has been implemented to protect the identity of the anonymous source.

Back in the old days people you might have had to stare sorrowfully at a sunset or take a soul-searching walk around the nearest pond to find out who you really are, but since it is not longer 2003 and I have already have caught all the decent local water Pokemon, we are going to skip such nonsense and get right to the self-discovery.

Angst is so outdated.
Angst is so outdated.

So in the spirit of the Pokemon Journey, we here at Digilent offer to you our own Team Selection Guide for those of you who are curious where you truly belong. Set aside your doubts and BuzzFeed quizzes, put a hold on your midlife crisis… and find the real answers regarding who you are in this world.

This particular guide super-scientifically analyzes where you belong in the context of the Maker mindset, and by cross-referencing the Pokemon Trainer within you with the Maker within you, we can discern your true identity. Answer the questions below in the most honest way possible.

NOTE: Due to the platform I am using the quiz is pretty simplistic, so to get the best results please do not try to figure out the quiz while taking it. That’s a very Team Mystic thing to do, so if that is your approach just skip to the end. You are Team Mystic.


Digilent Pokemon Team Finder

Would you prefer to build:

A. An intuitive and helpful device using the WF32.

B. A clever wearable using the Cmod A7.

C. An awesome mobile robot using the Zybo.


A project isn’t working. Do you…

A. Keep going for now and hope for the best?

B. Debug and troubleshoot immediately?

C. Add more battery power- its probably just not getting enough juice


Where to do you go for help on a electronics question?

A. The Digilent Blog- I like to search for relevant topics and learn by reading articles.

B. The Digilent Reference Site- I will browse the Wiki and find the information I need.

C. The Digilent Forum- I take a proactive and forthcoming approach to my learning.


What does your workspace look like?

A. Organized chaos, but trust me I know where everything is.

B. Meticulous and immaculate with everything at my fingertips.

C. The notebook-paper-and-moldy-forgotten-food equivalent of a black hole but I can work through it.


In a group project, would you rather:

A. Be the designer- I like to come up with the ideas and concepts.

B. Be the executor – I build the ideas and make the project come to life.

C. Be project lead – I take control and command us to success.


Congratulations!  You have made it through the test.  To figure out your results simply write down the letter next to each answer (A. B. or C.) and tally up which one you chose the most.

If you chose A the most, you are Team Instinct!

You have a good deal of faith in the project and your own ability. You might also enjoy making devices that are as intuitive as you are, as well as small form factor in your projects so the electronics do not get in the way of the idea. The Cmod A7 and chipKIT Cmod can both fulfill this goal. The input Pmods can add sensing to your project, with Pmods like the PmodMAXSONAR, PmodGPS, and PMODMIC3 so that it can respond to the environment around it and operate as an independent unit.

If you chose B the most, you are Team Mystic!

You like to know whats going on, and are more than capable of finding it out for yourself. The Analog Discovery 2 is an essential tool for someone with this mentality, as well as LabVIEW as they both offer a way to analyze and measure electronic behavior. With your advanced knowledge base and ability to discover and learn quickly, you can also utilize the LabVIEW physical computing kits for BeagleBone Black as well as Raspberry Pi to make your projects come to life.

And if you mainly chose C and/or got frustrated at any point and proceeded to rage-quit the quiz, you are Team Valor!

Nothing wrong with too much power… unless it happens to get in contact with your delicate electronic components. In this instance you may employ the PmodMON1 to monitor the power and protect the circuit. Since you enjoy powerful things you might find yourself leaning toward the FPGAs, in particular the Basy 3 and Zybo to achieve your goals.

What result did you get? Do you agree with the quiz’s findings? Comment below!

Additionally if you comment below your Team and your favorite Digilent product OR you can come up with another question idea for the quiz and it gets included in the updated blog post, you will be entered for a chance to win a chipKIT Max32!


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4 Comments on “What Pokemon Team Do You Truly Belong On?”

  1. New question:

    This question bothers you because
    A. It’s making me do a double take to figure out if it’s a trick question
    B. It’s not related to the above questions, the question doesn’t have correct punctuation, and I’m fairly sure the answers don’t all line up with the appropriate teams correctly
    C. When in doubt choose C

    1. ….I …I do not even know what just happened with that question. I am so confused. What is even real anymore? Who am I??

      I think I am going to go with “Miranda Hansen could not be reached for comment”. Final answer.

        1. A third party Miranda Hansen. Whom I suppose could be the figure behind the mask since we do not know either person’s identity they could be the same. All we know is that neither is the author of this post.

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