WF32 Controlled iPad Mount Wins a Trophy!

As you may or may not remember, I participated in the senior design competition at WSU with two other Electrical Engineering students, sponsored by Digilent. We created a WiFi controlled iPad mount meant to assist the sight impaired find lost items, and we used the WF32 WiFi capable PIC32 microcontroller. At long last, I’m sure you are dying to know the results of the poster competition; our team got second place! Here we are with the trophy.

Here's us with the trophy.
Here’s us with the trophy. Top left; Adam Carter, Top right; Bryce Johnson, Bottom left going right; Dr. Behrooz Shirazi, the EECS Department Head, me, and Jon Peyron.

Despite having an awesome end prototype, our project had some features that we would have loved to have had implemented given more time. Right now our project works as a sight assistant, but only in on room within the range of movement of the servos and stepper motor.

Our final prototype.
Our final prototype.

In our project, we only used pins 42 – 28 of the WF32‘s digital output pins. As you can see from the pin diagram below, there are many more. This definitely allows for the possibility of more motors, and complete mobility.

WF32 Pin Map

You can view the instructions to re-create and use the full potential of the WF32 in this collection.


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