Troubleshooting Tools And The Analog Discovery 2

Recently, Alvaro Prieto and Supplyframe Hardware released an informative video on YouTube regarding the tools that one might need to get started with troubleshooting firmware and hardware. Alvaro Prieto is an         “Electrical/Firmware Engineer, Maker, Traveler” from Sunnyvale CA.


From Alvaro’s Twitter Profile.

The 41 minute video goes in depth on how to equip your engineering workbench so that you are all ready to begin (or continue!) working with electronics. As the title implies, the video specifically focuses on the tools you might want for debugging and detecting issues with an electronics project.

In his video, Prieto goes over a variety of tools, including some as simple as jumper wires, all the way to more complex measuring tools such as logic analyzers. We were excited to see our very own Analog Discovery 2 make an appearance at 9:05 in the video, as he compares it to other options in the market for debugging.

Make sure to check out the video in it’s entirety at the link below, and let us know in the comments below what your “must have” tools are for working with electronics!

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