Assistance and the Analog Discovery

A few years ago at Digilent Project Vault, there were a series of projects from students in Sri Vishnu Engineering College for Women in southeastern India. These projects all had a similar theme- helping those who might need additional assistance, whether it be for visual challenges, hearing impairment, ect. Another feature that they had in common was their use of the Analog Discovery 2!

These projects were entered into the Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge India Design Contest 2015, and were generated out of the Assistive Technology Lab for Women at the Sri Vishnu Engineering College for Women. The projects focused on researching problems, as well as existing solutions in this field, then made their own innovations accordingly.

Their solutions included:

Interactive Snoezelen Bubble Tube Therapy

Medicine Identifier for Elderly and Visually Challenged People

Sound Alert System for Hearing Impaired

Please check out the videos above for the full projects, and let us know what you think of them in the comments below!

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