Throwback Thursday: Randomness around Digilent

Recently, we found some great snapshots into what life was like at Digilent between 2003 and 2005. How things have changed in the ten years or so since most of these images were taken!

Before there was the chipKIT Pro series (the MX4 and MX7, as well as the chipKIT MX3), there was their predecessor, this beauty…

The original Cerebot!
The original Cerebot!
And check out this board designed for XUP!

One of the videos from then has some stellar screencaps.

Today’s skip down memory lane is due in part to Norman MacDonald, who took most of these pictures and did these videos way back in the day.

If you want more information about the D2XL, look here — and we also have a whole section on our website about our discontinued products.

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