The “Hidden” Gems of WaveForms – Part 4

In part 3 of this series I discussed three of the hidden gems of WaveForms : Measurements, cursors, and the view menu. In this post I’ll continue uncovering some of the hidden gems of WaveForms .

Data Export:

This one might not be so secret, but it is slightly hidden in a menu so I figure it’s worth mentioning. You can export data from any tool. You can export the plot window as an image or export the data itself.

The export window with image selected. You can also export data.

You can export as most types of image formats and the data as a text, csv, or tdms file. 

The different image file types that can be exported to.

If you export as an image you can also add a name, device, time and date stamp. 

On the bottom left you can see the originality stamp. You can choose to add the device, serial number, time and any comments you might want to add.

Dropdowns also allow text editing:

Most of the settings where you choose a value are shown as a dropdown where you can select values in set increments. In addition to being able to select those set values, you can enter in custom values. This way if you know the value you want you can type the value in instead of searching for it, and add more exact values when needed.

Some text highlighted in the drop down. The value entered was not in the dropdown, but was typed in.

“Knob-like” functionality:

Another feature of those dropdowns is the “knob-like” functionality. If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse you can use that to increase and decrease the values in a dropdown similar to how a knob works. If you don’t have a mouse with a wheel you can use the touchpad in a similar manner. Just use two fingers and drag up and down to scroll.

The small icons are actually buttons:

Here the icon on the tab reflects that the script editor is stopped and the scope is running, the icons can be pressed to start the script editor or stop the scope.

When you have the tools and navigation bar set as tabs, each tab has a label and a small icon indicating the status of that tab. That icon is actually a button! You can use it to run or stop the tool and use it to select a tool in the navigation bar. 

Clicking the plus icon on the Welcome tab opens up the same options in the main navigation bar.

Now that you know about four more hidden gems, stay tuned to the blog for more of the hidden gems of WaveForms . If you’d like to see them for yourself, WaveForms can be downloaded for free!


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