The Genesys ZU Taken On a Road Test

In Element14’s RoadTest Reviews, applicants vie to be selected as the reviewer of a new technology or product by proposing projects that will challenge the device they are reviewing. User stevaras was chosen to put our hulking Genesys ZU UltraScale+ MPSoC to the test. For this RoadTest Review, stevaras chose to test PetaLinux programming along with bare metal programming by ultimately creating a live video stream.

Beginning with receiving the box in the mail, the unboxing, install, and all the way to completing the live video stream, stevaras explores some of what this massively powerful board has to offer. In image detection and edge computing applications, it has more than enough processing power to smoothly complete the required tasks.

Here’s his conclusion:

Genesys ZU-3EG is an advanced platform combining processing power and programmable logic in a SoC. The board is fully eligible for Edge Computing and Hardware Accelerated projects by offering hardware and software co-design features. Thus, AI modeling and inference using Deep Neural Networks, Real-Time Vision and other algorithms for High Performance Computing can be realized inside a FPGA, introducing greater power efficiency than GPUs[3], exploiting frameworks like OpenCL and FASTCUDA[4] and facilitating dynamic reconfiguration.

For the complete RoadTest Review, visit the page on Element14.


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