TBT: Who Should Use WaveForms?

On account of the upcoming holiday, we’re going to be celebrating Throwback Tuesday instead this week. (It doesn’t sound as catchy — perhaps Toss-back Tuesday?). This time last year, one of our blog authors did a thorough and thoughtful analysis of WaveForms and who should use it. With the recent release of WaveForms 2015, it seems appropriate to bring it back.

Oscilloscope displays in WaveForms for stepper motor delays.
Oscilloscope displays in WaveForms for stepper motor delays.

What makes WaveForms so special? “On our website, WaveForms is described as a powerful suite of virtual instruments that brings analog and digital circuit design to your PC desktop. The instruments within WaveForms include an oscilloscope, logic analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, digital pattern generator, power supplies, a voltmeter, virtual I/O devices, and a spectrum analyzer,” says Will.

Will provides an overview of each instrument, explaining its uses and capabilities. He also pointed readers to some good resources for learning more about WaveForms, ways to learn it, and projects that use it. Check it out and


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