Spot the Pmod

Test your riddle-solving, eyesight-involving abilities with today’s Pmod picking game!

For those of you that ever played Where’s Waldo (AKA had a childhood) this will be a familiar challenge. The way that the game works is to read the descriptions below, then see if you can locate the Pmod that best matches up within the picture. Once you have all the answers, please comment below with the general location and name of the Pmod to get a 15 percent discount coupon!

Make sure you hurry though, as we are only giving away coupons to the first 3 participants. Happy Hunting!

Pick Out The Pmod


The Pmods here may be widely spread,

but I seek one to use with my board of bread.

I need to quickly attach four sliding inputs,

but I want to avoid heat and lead.


This Pmod party seems to be quite the mess

With Pmods brushing shoulders and silkscreens

But the Pmod I am looking for requires just a finger press

To contribute to my project usefully


The Pmod I seek is rather shy

Using words to avoid my watchful eye.

But despite its elusiveness

It continues to listen with up to 1 MSPS

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3 Comments on “Spot the Pmod”

  1. Oooh, I’ll play! But feel free to disqualify me though since I have an arguably unfair advantage over nearly every other possible participant 😉

    Puzzle 1:
    “Use with board of bread” — Pmod BB should be the answer, but it’s not actually in the photo, so I’ll have to go with the Pmod TPH2, located in quadrant 2, in the center of the triangle of Pmods made by the Pmod SSD, Pmod GPS, and Pmod CON1.
    “four sliding inputs” — Pmod SWT is the answer, located at the bottom of quadrant 2 with the reflection that makes it look like it has a white silk screen.
    “avoid heat and lead” — not sure what the lead is referring to, but I imagine this is the Pmod SSR in quadrant 4 below the Pmod SD, to the right of Pmod AD5, and left of Pmod CLP.

    Puzzle 2:
    “requires just a finger press to contribute to my project usefully” — probably thinking into this too much, but this is trickier than at first glance. I suspect it is the Pmod BTN in the upper right hand corner of the box, but the Pmod JSTK in the upper left and the Pmod JSTK2 in the upper center also have buttons. The Pmod ALS can also have the ambient light blocked by a finger press, the Pmod GYRO could be bumped to induce rotation motion detection, the Pmod TC1 might detect a change if the temperature differential was high enough, the Pmod MAXSONAR could be pushed off the table to induce a change in height. Oh and if the finger press was more of a tap, the MIC3 could detect a change in sound pressure. So, final answer of Pmod BTN with about 5 backup plans. 😉

    Puzzle 3:
    I see the Pmod between the green slip cover titled “Essential Visual History World Mythology” by National Geographic and the blue spined Backstage Handbook on the top shelf. Judging by the reflection on the Backstage Handbook, this is a Pmod MIC3.

    Bonus round on Puzzle 1:
    “This Pmod always comes in pairs, but today is missing its better half”

    And hardcore question for those who think they know their Pmods:
    In Puzzle 1, what is the age difference between the oldest and the newest Pmod shown in the image?

    1. Well played James! We wrapped up the promotion so luckily I am now able to approve your insightful and well thought out comment. Nice Work!

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