Simple Clock Divider With The Digital Discovery

Recently, a Youtuber by the name of Soren fivePSixE released a video demonstrating a simple clock divider he had created using the Digital Discovery‘s Logic Analyzer, the Cmod A7 and some VDHL code. His project also serves as a 4bit counter with a blinking LED indicator. This was one of his first projects with the Digital Discovery and we were pleased to discover that his experience was a good one.

This is short, handheld, video of a quick demonstration of the Digilent Digital Discovery logic analyzer. It’s a brilliant little device and I quickly wrote some VHDL to produce a simple clock divider which also serves as a 4bit counter. Oh, and I added a blinking LED! Why not – I had the counter anyway, and it proves that the code is running correctly. I have to say, that I’m absolutely ELATED over how easy the Digital Discovery is to work with – I’ve only just tried the basics, without the need for the (very) detailed manual, but I just know how handy this will be to have as a tool. Comes at a very reasonable price tag, highly recommended! Thanks for watching

The video goes into depth regarding his step by step process, and he shows both the VHDL code along with the WaveForms software for his project.









It is always exciting to see the amazing things people make and we encourage you to check out the full video!

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