Python Demo with Jupyter Notebooks

If you have had a chance to explore the new WaveForms Asset Store, you may have seen the Jupyter Notebooks projects. The official description is below:

“Jupyter notebooks are interactive documents that contain descriptions of what the code is doing, along with blocks of code that can be run step-by-step. Each notebook contains explanations and examples of how to use the WaveForms Python SDK functions to activate the device, configure the necessary instruments, collect data, and plot it.”

These are exciting and useful as they allow you a way to see your live code, results, and any notes in the same interactive notebook page.

To find the projects, go the the homepage of the Asset Store and scroll to the bottom to the section where it says Software. In the end of that slider, there are currently three projects that demonstrate WaveForms being used with Jupyter Notebooks. Select one and it will take you to the resource page for the project.

The page for Mixed Signals.

In the project above, we demonstrate how to plot a digital and analog signal on top of each other so you can visualize your data in one glance.

So make sure to go check out the projects and let us know if you have any ideas by hitting the “HAVE AN IDEA” button on the Asset Store, or feel free to leave feedback in the comments below!

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